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Beginners Guide Survival-Mode

Hello and welcome,

you’re new to castle story and want to know how to start? You have arrived at the right place. This short beginners guide will introduce you to the basic gameplay elements. First of all look at your screen. You’ll see something like this:

Screenshot 9-25-2013 83822 PM

What you can see is first of all your blue crystal. This thing is very important to you, because once the corruptrons get their stinky fingers on it, you’ll loose. But you’re not alone in your quest to defend the holy stone: There are 5 yellow Bricktrons to support you. Four of them are workers ready to recieve orders while the fifth is a soldier – that’s why he’s wearing a helmet. But we need to hurry, because time’s running out. You can see how much time you still have in the upper-left corner of the screen.

Use the WASD keys to move your camera. Q and E will rotate it.

The first thing you want to do now is to right-click on the grass. Be aware of the fact that right-clicking in Castle-Story may take a longer right-click than you’re used to.


This neat menu will open. It’s your starting-point for virtually everything. As the title says, it enables you to create new tasks; namely lumber (axe), place structure (handsaw), place block (hammer) and cleanup (broom). What you need now is a lumber task. Move your mousepointer to the axe. You will now have a task that you can move (preferably to one with trees). Left-click to place the task. Now use your left mouse-button to select your four workers. Right click on the task-icon (see the picture below). The number ’4′ will now appear next to the task, indicating that 4 workers are currently occupied with felling trees.

Screenshot 9-25-2013 83929 PM

They will now do what lumbermen do best: Fell a tree. Once that is done, they’ll attempt to pick up the logs and return them to your stockpile. Wait! I hear you asking ‘I don’t have a stockpile yet!’. That’s something we ought to change. Deselect all workers by selecting over an empty area of grass. Right-click on the grass to open the task-menu. Select the place-structure task (handsaw). You will now have a bluish square at your disposal. Place it near the crystal (left-click), yet leave some room between them. Now click on the handsaw-button which appeared at the bottom of your screen in order to stop planning the structure-placement. Select a bricktron with a log on his back by left-click.

Screenshot 9-25-2013 83954 PM

Now right-click on the handsaw-icon at the bottom. He will be on his way and create a stockpile. Stockpiles exist to temporarily hold your building resources – mainly logs and stone – until you’ve figured out how to use them wisely. As you might have noticed, the other 3 bricktrons will be more than happy to get the heavy logs off their back and onto your stockpile.

Screenshot 9-25-2013 84027 PM

You don’t need many logs at first, so, once you’ve got about 4 of them (one full stockpile), there’s other work that has to be seen to. Primarily: Aquiring stone.

Screenshot 9-25-2013 84053 PM


This is where mines get important. Zoom out using the mouse-wheel and look for a mine. You can recognize it by the pickaxe-icon and its entrance, which is made of 3 wooden piles.

Screenshot 9-25-2013 84059 PM

Select your workers and right-click on the mine-icon (just as you did to assign them to the woodcutting-task). They will now go into the mine and bring back stone.


A pile of gravel will appear on the stockpile. But don’t worry, once enough gravel has been brought to the stockpile, it will magically turn into well-shaped stone-blocks (2×1 WxL format). The fact that all your bricktrons are occupied gives you a short break to take a closer look at the crystal. Deselect everything and right-click on the crystal. A menu will pop up:


This menu enables you to spawn more workers and/or soliders, which you’ll badly need over time. But how does it work? Occasionally a worker will return from the mine with a mysterious load. He will avoid all stockpiles and have ony one target: Your crystal. Chances are high he’s carrying blue crystal. Once he has dropped his load onto the main crystal, its energy will go up. Once it has enough energy  – you can check the current status by holding your right-clicking mouse over the info-icon – it can spawn either worker, warrior or archer. I recommend to get either archer or warrior.

In the meantime, your workers will have brought back enough stone. And time’s running out, so let us get straight to the building. Start by deselecting everything and right-clicking on the grass. Select the place-block option in the menu (hammer). You’ll now have a stone at your mousepointer. You can now move it around, until you found somewhere you want to place it, and left-click to place it. That way you can build entire castles, but for now a simple layout will suffice.

Screenshot 9-25-2013 84311 PM

 If you want to change the block you’re using, right click on the grass. A menu will pop up allowing you to change your current building material.



When you’re finished click on the hammer-icon at the bottom of your screen to deselect the current task. Now assign one or two of the workers to the new job by selecting them and right-clicking the task (either in the game or at the bottom of the screen).


 Screenshot 9-25-2013 84505 PM

The plan you’ve laid out will then slowly be built by the builder. Heighten the wall (2 blocks cannot be climbed). What you’ll need now is a door. To place it use them saw-menu, but instead of placing a stockpile, right-click and choose “Door” from the menu. Place it into the space that you’ve left in the wall (short right-click to rotate). Temporarily assign one of your bricktrons to the task you’ve created.

That’s it. You’ve got a little castle which you can now build upon. Once the counter at the top goes to one minute, you’ll be well advised to get all your workers in there and put your warrior in front of the door.


Have fun :)

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